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These days, players don’t have to visit Casinos to enjoy a game of roulette.

With recent technological advancements and adoption of internet-based industries, casinos have gone online. Current statistics show that over 5 million people participate in online gambling worldwide. Data from these online casinos show an estimated expenditure of over 11 billion dollars.

Casinos can now be easily accessed from every connected phone or laptop with very little technical know-how. Online roulette is a big part of this advancement. This popular casino game is a major part of the make-up of these online casinos. Roulette is a popular casino table game characterized by its cloth-covered betting area and a spinning roulette wheel.

This casino game originated in France in the 18th century with its name being a French word meaning little wheel. Over time, this casino game garnered popularity and spread all over Europe and the United States. Today the classic game is enjoyed by people worldwide and is undoubtedly one of the most popular casino table games.

Online casinos have strived to offer an experience similar and safer in comparison to classic casinos while playing the roulette game from the comfort of their desktop or mobile devices. Upon signing up to these casinos, players can enjoy many variations of roulette, compare their varying house edges, place more than a dozen bets and even explore and read on winning strategies before playing for real money.

Variations of online roulette

European Roulette

This variation is considered one of the most popular in roulette online. It typically employs the use of a single zero wheel and bets can be placed on the ball landing in any one of the 37 slots numbered 0 to 36.

The numbers are also placed randomly around the wheel to keep it random and avoid matching with number groups from the roulette board. This only influences the placement of wheel section bets. The house edge for European roulette is usually low and typically is 2.7%.

American Roulette

This variation uses a double zero wheel where bets can be placed on any of the available 38 slots. This greatly impacts the game, especially where it doubles the house edge and reduces the players’ chances of hitting. Having two house positions in this game gives it a house edge of 5.26%.  There is however no difference in pay-outs in comparison to European roulette. It is interesting to note that this variation of roulette is what used to be the French variation of roulette.

Multi-wheel roulette

This variation of roulette is designed to give players a chance at betting on multiple wheels at the same time. Multi wheel roulette usually has between 2 and 8 wheels and are believed to increase the players’ chances at winning. The rules are pretty much the same with other normal roulette variations.


As seen in the name, Mini roulette is different from the other variations in that there are only 13 slots on the wheel, this is from 0 to 12. The chances of hitting here are way higher as straight bets pay 12 to 1. However, the European roulette still has a higher return to player percentage

So how do you play online roulette?

Just like every other game, online roulette has its rules and strategies. To be good at the game and maximize your winnings you have to be well versed with how the game works.

Once you have registered with an online casino, you are now able to select your preferred roulette game online. Here it is necessary to choose a game that suits your preferences and gives you a higher chance at winning. This is done by picking a variation whose rules are suitable and friendly to you.

Most online casinos offer players tutorials and free plays to help them practice and determine if a game would be best suited for them.  To understand how to play, it is necessary to be well versed with the roulette board and wheel. The layout of a roulette board is made up of all the numbers on the roulette wheel and typically comes with 3 columns and 12 rows. When it comes to online roulette, bets can be placed on a single number, vertically or horizontally on two adjacent numbers, on 4 or 6 adjacent numbers, on a row, on dozens and on zero.

To win on zero everyone else has to lose their bets. Players are also allowed to bet on the colour of a number, the half that a number belongs to and if it is an even or an odd number.

Players place these bets themselves in online roulette, except for in live casino roulette where a croupier places the bets just like in a classic casino. The roulette wheel usually as either 37 or 38 slots depending on the variation used. Playing the American slot with 38 slots is believed to mildly lower the chances of winning in comparison to the European one with 37 slots.

The numbers are usually randomized in an attempt to keep neighbouring numbers on the board from appearing together on the wheel, but experts argue that this randomization has little to no effect on the possibility of hitting a number. This also makes it possible for players to place roulette wheel section bets which are usually placed based on how the numbers appear on the wheel. Roulette bets can either be placed inside or outside.

Inside bets are usually placed on the numbers found on a roulette board while outside bets are placed with numbers outside the matrix and players bet on larger groups of slots. Outside roulette bets are easier to heat although their pay-out is low and are preferred by people who prefer low risks.

Inside bets are for the risk-takers as they have higher pay-outs but are much harder to hit. Beginners and low rollers are usually advised to go for outside bets to increase their chances of winning. Final bets are usually placed on all the slots that end in a particular number. To make a maximum bet a player needs 40 chips and the bet is then placed on all squares, splits, streets and six lines.

Mobile Experience in Online Roulette

In local casinos, roulette usually takes up a lot of ground space hence there have always been a limited number of tables available in casinos.

The move of casinos to online platforms made it easier for casinos to accommodate many more roulette tables and accept more players at the same time. Online casinos have gone further to include other people in online roulette y making it available to them on their mobile devices. Most online casino websites offering online roulette are compatible and accessible via mobile web browsers making it easy for players to access this casino game on the go.

Some developers have even gone further to put out apps that are compatible with almost all mobile devices, whether Android or iOS, to ensure a user-friendly experience when playing online roulette. These mobile gaming options offer tutorials, free play and are regulated making them safe and secure to interact with.

Players also gain access to a variety of games from different developers with different themes and variations making sure the preferences of every player is met. The mobile experience with online roulette is guaranteed to be safer, easier and more convenient than visiting a local ground-based casino.

What to look in best online roulette casinos in India

When trying to select the best online roulette in India it is advisable to select casinos with a wide selection of roulette games from top software providers to ensure you get the best. Players are also advised to look for casinos with a high return to player percentage and reputable licensing and regulation to ensure they have higher chances at making wins and they play in a safe and secure environment. It is also important to go for casinos with good welcome bonuses and live casino bonuses to boost you on your gambling journey.

Odds and payouts in online roulette

Before approaching a roulette table it is important to know the odds of the game which were calculated ages ago.

The house edge comes into play where, every time zero is hit, every other bet on the table is removed except for the ones that were placed on zero. As a result, even money bets stand a 50% chance to win. Even money bets are seen where a player decides to split the board in half. This is done either as odd or even, by colour or by being in the first or last half. The house edge however usually reduces this chance to about 48.65% in the European variation and 46.37% in the American variation.

A dozens dozen combination has a 32.43% chance in European roulette and a 31.58% chance in the American variation. When placing inside bets, the odds increase when players bet on a higher number of slots. In the European variation, the highest possibility of winning sits at 16.22% while for a 6 line bet ion the American variation it is 13.16%. it is clear to see that European roulette has better odds in comparison to American roulette and thus players are advised to play European roulette.

Over the years strategies have been developed to increase players’ chances of winning. Professionals use strategies such as the martingale strategy, reverse martingale strategy, the Fibonacci strategy, multi-chip betting patterns and exploiting roulette flaws.

Online roulette FAQ

What currencies can I use for roulette India?

Currencies used usually vary depending on the compatibility of the selected online casino and their availability in a certain region. However, some online casinos are noted to be compatible with Indian rupees. Most online casinos are compatible with Australian Dollars, Euros, US Dollars, Russian Rubble, Norwegian Krone, Czech Koruna, South African Rand, Canadian dollars and New Zealand dollars.

Is it illegal to play Online Roulette in India?

India is home to over a billion people and as such has a healthy number of online gamblers. Licensed and regulated online casinos are allowed to operate in India and offer online roulette to its vast gambling population. Different states in India have different policies on online gambling and consequently online roulette. Online roulette is completely legal in Goa and Sikkim but is regulated and there is a need for licensing in other states. The game is also quite popular here especially the European variation.

How popular is Online Roulette in India?

This country’s population has greatly embraced online gambling and as a result, online roulette India is quite popular. There are many variations online for players to choose from including European, American, French, Mini and Progressive roulette. Quite notable however is that many people here prefer to play European roulette as it has a higher return to players and gives them a higher chance of winning.

Final Verdict

Players in India who love this game and are not quite able to access local casinos can sign up to reputable online casinos and promptly start playing roulette online.

It is also ideal for beginners who wish to learn about this classic game, start their gambling journey and try their luck at roulette as most online casinos offer free spins and free plays.

Players in India should also consider roulette online as it can be played from the comfort of their connected devices avoiding the hectic casino bustle, queues and rigged tables.

Many online casinos have popularized the European and American variations of roulette, however, players can also select their preferred variation and rules to play with.